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Les kids du monde production, an association under the 1901 law, which puts young talents from all over the world forward, the culture of the world in production in France. You will find young talents from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico United States, Colombia and many other countries such as Spain. Young talents, even for some recognized in their countries, who have already made TV and big stages, real talents who will make you travel through their repertoires, from rock to jazz, to musicals, cumbia, pop, folklore. You will necessarily find kids artists from around the world who will suit your stages or festival of young kids that you could find on your stages in France. Some have taken part in very large international competitions from which they have emerged as winners, so we will let you discover them on their pages, then for additional information do not hesitate to contact Mr. LERICHE Tony founder of the kids of the production and TV world kids youth of the world.
The real kids of the world who are we the kids of the world are an association law 1901, this association founded by Mr. Leriche Tony more than 5 years ago, brings together the best talents kids of the world sing for peace in the world certain confuses our association and a certain group of French children touring in France and say they are kids of the world singing for peace, then afterwards they add generations, then now even sing for ecology, well in short a real business to sell singles not confuse our association the real kids of the world donations our kids are really from all over the world, who sing and prepare projects for peace in the world and donations behind all this no salary is paid to anyone for each quote made for a festival the kids of the world will invoice you the Vhr and pocket money for children very often for 2 people a child and accompanying then the third person living ant in France do not represent our association
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What are our upcoming projects now we have an open room in Ukraine and one on Romania Ukraine in Ukraine with the participation of the studios brava don are installing the kids of the world is planned and therefore they are already at work a clip on peace in the world, we should find various kids of the world, then one of the biggest projects to come the concert kids of the world sings for peace in the world on the largest European square located in Kharkiv in Ukraine approximately 250 Klm from the front of war its concerts will bring together the kids of the world as our young people from Ukraine of course but also the Canary Island with our las kandys, Romania, the United States, France, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, and many other countries where they will sing for peace in the world then many other projects to come as important donation we will talk very soon
Romania a clip should be made on peace in the world projects in progress on the other projects we are waiting to have people in charge in the territory to create on-cure rooms the kids of the world those to also bring together young talents on the same song in duet to demonstrate that nationality can our children are even remotely able to work together on cultural exchanges

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how did we work to put our talents forward we have at our disposal TV kids of the world production that we have set up you will find on our TV kids of the world channel clips of our young talent kids of the world and even young talents not not part of the troop but who wants and put forward our association is open to all the arts of culture singing, dancing, sport, or even circus group folklore etc, the culture kids on our TV channel through their clips where report of course you will also find the visit of certain countries to better discover the countries and understand to realize that for some children it is not easy to be able to record in studio or even to express their cultural arts
then in the second step we apply to various festivals festival committee or other cultural organization our young talents our association is there to put forward real talents already recognized in their country but it is also open to whoever starts or who wish to be discovered with us no politics, no religion, no biseness like some producers we are not here to make money from children but to put them forward to organize meetings between children of various origins but with one word and commitment sing for world peace, and a better world for our children


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Las Kandy 

ile canarie

1I am Vlera

119Radu Mihai Enache

Sizova Anastasia

Stefanie Petrova Nikolova

Daria Elena Gurici

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Svitlana Gorbenko

Jasmin McNally

115Stefania Butnariu

Leonor Orofino

Adnana Gușă

Ashley accosta

Salmha Rodriguez

maria raducanu

Polina Klinckwort


olga  sleptsova

Bratu Patricia Cristina

Victoria Vizhanska,

Yaroslav Andrusyak

Yanet Guadalupe Becerra

Drobysheva zhana

Alexandra Maria Berindei

117Calin Alexia Viorica 

Nicole Goncharova-Mouté

Alina Girich

Astakhova Elizaveta

bella valerie


celia Jimerez Ruiz

Daciana Constantea


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Nicole Goncharova-Mouté

maria liz patino

natalia bendre

Nicole Goncharova-Mouté

maria liz patino

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