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The association "Kids of the world" and "Kids of the TV production world" is an association which puts young talents from all over the world forward: singers, singers, dancers, etc. You can discover on our channel kids artists of various nationalities that we offer for your festivals, concerts, private parties. Whether through our articles, our website pages or even our television channel, you will go around the world: France, Romania, Ukraine, Spain, United States, Colombia, Mexico and many other countries. You will discover traditional culture and music, as well as modern music; a real cultural mix. The Kids of the world are young people who sing for peace in the world, the real Kids of the world are here. Projects are planned, some are in full preparation, others are under study. In the city of Kharkiv, in Ukraine, we have a "Kids of the Ukraine World" structure as well as a big partner, the Brava studios, which provide us with a studio and a rehearsal room. A clip on world peace with young talented kids from around the world in Ukraine is in preparation. In Romania too, a structure is in place. One of the biggest upcoming projects will be held on the biggest square in Europe, in Kharkiv, Ukraine where one of the biggest kids concerts in the world ever organized will be given for world peace. There, many kids from the Ukrainian world will be gathered there, but also from Romania, the Canary Islands, Italy, the United States and of course France. It will be a real show with superb kid talents from around the world who will sing for peace in the world. ou will find the clips of our young talents kids of the world on "TV kids of the world", a program rich in color! You will discover exceptional young talents, each with their own universe, their own vocal identity. And if you also wish to be broadcast, send your videos, photos, biography and parental authorization for image rights and webcasting signed by your 2 parents to the following email address radiosaumur @ gmail .com Attention Kids of the World is reserved for under 18s.

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The kids of the world need you after having created TV kids of the production world to put young talents forward to continue to exist and to run their TV channels. He is looking for sponsors: several exchanged possibilities exist either, by advertising on our TV kids du monde channel, or by logo posted on our TV kids du monde website, with links to your website in the logo depending on the donations you make. . Our association does not receive a subsidy, we have for some time had to find various means of highlighting our kids from around the world, it has become even more complicated since the world is affected by the virus, that's why we are asking for a blow of thumb to continue to propel our young talents first, your donations will be used to finance TV kids of the world, secondly, if there is any money left, it will be used for our future projects. The clip for peace in the world as well as for the plans to bring together our young kids from around the world on the largest square in Europe, stages for a big concert for peace which is in Ukraine at 250 Klm from the front between Ukraine and Russia. Please note that it is not the association that is helping you, but the kids of the children's world who every day make efforts to want a new world without war and much more Hope for a better world. For all information contact Mr LERICHE Tony at

tel: 06-41-12-62-17 or by email radiosaumur@gmail.com Thank you for your understanding